Dust Farm Work Song

Ian Hatcher

planting pliant seedlings side by side
 patents growing

imbibing newness with each breath
amid blood red leaves && lean-tos teething
 patent this symbol
 patent this youth skin symbol

splaying dry blades of torch grass grafting
shapely palm flecks outstretched && withholding
 patent mysticism
 patent this liminal crystal truisms

oily patches gleam in dreams unknowable
parlor cluster sweetmeats consumed by the fistful
 patent swollen rivers of fat
 patent this fat

trust inviolate always inviable
producing ever-accelerating vitals && redialing
 patent high-frequency recombination
 patent destrangulation

seedlings rising aglow with promise
stalks tasting perfectly familiar && sweet
 patent neo-dynamicism
 patent apollonian fetishism

low-limbed truths climb up them to sing
love is record profits && growth
 patent this trope

newly bred beds of adaptive whip fibers
sublimely lying in fields ripening
 patent every possible pattern of welts
 patent cells

Ian Hatcher is a text/sound/code artist based in New York. His first book, Prosthesis, is forthcoming from Poor Claudia. He is also co-creator (with Amaranth Borsuk & Kate Durbin) of Abra, a conjoined book/app supported by the Center for Book & Paper Arts, Chicago. ianhatcher.net