Brent Ryan Bellamy is a PhD Candidate in the Department of English and Film Studies University of Alberta where he studies U.S. post-apocalyptic novels after the American century. His blog notes from after the end can be found at 

Joe Campbell graduated from Chelsea College of Arts in 2010. His latest project, Plywood Ordeal, was with Galleri Plywood in Göteborg, Sweden.

Christina Chalmers was born in Edinburgh, studied in Cambridge and lives in London. She has published in magazines such as HiZero, Rivet, Scree, No Prizes; and has a book out named Work Songs from Shit Valley Press.

Quentin S Crisp was born in North Devon, U.K., in 1972. His first collection of stories, The Nightmare Exhibition, was published in 2001 by BJM Press. His most recent, Defeated Dogs, in 2013 by Eibonvale Press. He hopes, with time, to write more about Annette Funicello and less about anhedonia.

Cécile B Evans (b.1983) is a Belgian American artist. She lives and works in London and Berlin. AGNES (b. 1998) is a digital native. She lives and works in the Serpentine Galleries website, Langstone Technology Park.

Charissa Glidden: most often in India, often in New York City, New Hampshire and Scotland. When I write, I am the spirit bead in your ceremonial necklace, the flaw where exaltation enters. I am an entelechtual. I am vital to your fulfilment. I am actuality not potentiality: I am stochastic resonance, the errant bead to ideas and serendipities you would otherwise be insulated from. I am Eros from Chaos. When I do not write, I am just a variety of untidy. I am the tangle in your hair only, the snarl that remains.

Caspar Jade Heinemann is an artist and writer into crisis, witchcraft, virtual bodies and the future tense. Currently studying BA Fine Art at Goldsmiths, University of London.

Paul Ingram is a poet and filmmaker based in London. He has performed and shown his work at PolyPLY, Xing the Line, Benefits, Chlorine Readings, Projektor Screenings and the 60seconds Short Film Festival in Copenhagen. He edits the zine SCABS ARE RATS.

Ellen Yeon Kim is an artist based in London/Frankfurt, currently studying at Städelschule, where she has been studying under Peter Fischli and Simon Starling and at Slade School of Art. She works with various mediums including text, performance, film, and performative objects/space; and believes in Thursdays coming after Wednesdays and May after April.

Isabella Martin is a sculptor whose work uses language as a means of navigation. She is a member of the international collective Camp Little Hope and an artist educator at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts. Isabella collaborates across disciplines and contexts, and keeps one foot in the sea at all times.

Ben Osborn is a writer, songwriter, librettist and composer. He is the musical director of Fellswoop Theatre, whose production of Toshiki Okada’s apocalyptic play Current Location is playing in various venues around the UK this year.

Mat Paskins teaches history of science and helps to study the history of foraging. He is Community manager for commodity histories –

Yuri Pattison is an artist working with, and creating, subjective datasets. Currently thinking about collapse.

Thogdin Ripley is generally interested in the transfer of power at a microscopic level, in disjuncture and non-sequitur, and in the overlay of themes that might not immediately present themselves as experientially or textually compatible (or indeed, healthy). He’s currently working on a short novel that will be very difficult to sell.

Chris Roaf is a musician and performer living in Osaka, Japan. He can banter in three languages and gets his heart broken like clockwork.

Gregor Rozanski (b. 1988 in Wroclaw, Poland) is an artist based in Berlin and Warsaw. He uses wide range of media: various conceptual practices, ephemeral projects, video, internet, found objects, sculpture, installations and drawings. His work has been shown at solo and group exhibitions in Germany, Poland, Italy, Austria, Switzerland, Mexico and other countries. More info:

David Rudnick is a graphic designer.

Born in 1985, Dan Szor lives and works in the hinterland between the North and the Midlands. Studied Art and Politics MA at Goldsmiths, University of London. Frequent lecturer in Image Making at The University of Salford. Dan is a regular abseiler and presides over the dark culinary art of ‘Lobby’ making.

Philippa Snow is an editor and essayist, based in London; she is currently the Features Ed. of both Modern Matter and Kilimanjaro magazines, and writes mostly about the intersections between popular culture, sociological theory and ‘legitimate’ contemporary art.

Liam Sparkes is a tattooist.

Verity Spott is 18 years old and lives in Cleethorpes. They have published the books ‘Effort to No’, ‘My Lost 2, My Bent 3’ and ‘Dear Nothing and No One in it’ (with Jonny Liron). Verity is a full time waiter and musician, and has played in 11.5 venues in the first half of a career. You can reach Verity with your concerns or questions at The poems in this magazine are the anima to a set that can be found by Ashley French in Litmus magazine.

Garry Sykes is primarily a Yorkshire born filmmaker living in Hackney. His first feature LXHXN, looking at the politics of 21st century representation via the life of Lindsay Lohan, is available to watch for free online.

Mimei Thompson (born Tokyo, Japan) is a Hackney-based painter. She studied at Glasgow School of Art and the Royal College of Art, has work in the Arts Council Collection and will show soon at Queens Park Railway Club in Glasgow.

Amy Tighe received her MA from Goldsmiths and immediately took it travelling. She lives next to a roaring night-train and a fox-brothel and finds both sounds to be soothing. When she isn’t writing about the dystopian near-future, she helps underachieving kids find their inner pirate.

Llew Watkins is a multi-disciplinary artist and writer currently based in London who works in installation, lectures, scripts and performance. His practice is a continuing inquiry into the transient and playful nature of mind and reality.